North Territorial - KFJC review

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Auburn Lull - North Territorial [Zeal Records]
"Lansing, MI quartet (Jason Kolb, gtrs/Eli Wekenman, gtrs/Sean Heenan, vox + gtrs/ Jason Weisinger, drums) have outlived a once-thriving Great Lakes space-rock scene, soldiering on with their own filmic/pastoral/music for heliopads approach, a trademark blend of surging, miasmic swells, samples, looped guitar/vocals peaking in a slow-cresting sonic euphoria of song/soundcraft. Produced by soul mate
Andrew Prinz (MAHOGANY) and mastered by Brooklyn NYs Jon Chaikin (who has done the duties for every Shelflife Records release to date) at Nonstop Sound, this European release offers the now-familiar elegant wash inside cartographic cockpit somewhere between landscape and ozone. Like all AUBURN LULL records, this should come with flight ring and
instructions for most listeners, particularly those of the Ptolemaic Terrascope variety. Additional ethereal vocals from Amanda Kolb & Jessica Fuller, a pair of visiting angels. Both sides in Afterlife Technicolor, 360mm, eggbeater soft. Whirlybirds."
-MITCH August 2002